Thursday, March 15, 2012

Testing Testing - The Red Kitchen Panties Pattern

I was so excited when Katie at The Red Kitchen picked me to help test her Girl’s Panties Pattern. If you don’t know about Katie and The Red Kitchen you are really missing out. Her blog always has great ideas about sewing, crafting, kids, preschool, parenting and so much more and to make things even better her daughter Olivia is just darling.

This project has been floating around in my mind for a while now. I have one little that is fully potty trained and my other little is about ready to start the process. I’ve seen others sew panties and thought that it was a great project, especially to use up all of your old t-shirts. But, the problem was sewing with knits. I was a little nervous but I jumped right in and starting cutting shirts left and right knowing that they were headed for the donation pile anyways if things did not work out. I used some old onesies that both of the girls had grown out of, a long sleeve polo of mine that had a stain on the front and some shirts of mine that somehow shrunk after I was pregnant. ***Small tangent: any Mom's out there have this same problem that most of your shirts are now too short even though your body is mostly back to normal?***

Ok, so back to the pattern review. Kaite’s pattern is perfect for the whole spectrum of sewists..sewers…people who sew! Beginners, intermediate, advanced, knit phobic or knit lovers this pattern can be sewn by all. I read through the directions one time and then started sewing. I think the first pair took me about 30 minutes because I wanted to make sure I was reading and sewing everything correctly. For my first pair I used a cherry print onesie and the polo shirt for the leg binding. The second pair I used one of my old shirts and then added some elastic lace trim for the leg openings. I just stretched the elastic as I was sewing and then sewed up as normal. Both pairs fit great and my older daughter actually picked a pair out to wear the next day. It's always marked a success when the girls actually pick it themselves!

Watch out these are so easy that they might become a little addicting. I have about 10 more pairs cut out and ready for me to sew when I get some extra time.

This is a comparison of store bought panties vs. handmade with Kaite's pattern.

Go check out Katie, The Red Kitchen and her fantastic Girl's Panties Pattern.

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