Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Combination/Bad Combination

Weather in the 80’s and 90’s
2 girls with an infinite amount of energy
Mother in Law and Sister in Law visiting from out of town

Take all of the above good things and you would see that my weekend was full of fun times outside. We played in the yard and at the water table for several hours. I also snuck in a little shoe shopping with my SIL that was so nice. We had fun just walking around pointing out all the crazy shoes that are out right now and trying on some that were to die for. We all had a great visit with our out of town guest and were very sad to see them leave on Sunday.

Add the crazy pollen storm that we are having right now with all of the outside time and that makes me a sniffling, sneezing, itchy eye mess. Even if I had the time to get some sewing done I was such a wreck that I probably would not have made it through a seam without sneezing and messing everything up.

I did finish up the Lil Blue Boo Perfect Shorts for both of the girls last night and plan to blog about them in the next couple of days.

I also have some new additions to the shop. A new boy Mickey outfit, new girls Minnie dress and the Charlotte ruffle neck dress that is perfect for Easter.

Project List for the Week

Easter Egg Necklace T-Shirts
Clever Charlotte Phoebe Flutter Blouse – for A 2/3T – Lisette Lawn Fabric
Oliver + S Bubble Dress for Easter – for M 2T – Michael Miller Disco Dot Blush
Oliver + S Bubble Dress for Easter – for A 3T – Michael Miller Disco Dot Blush
Oliver + S Class Picnic Tunic – for A 3T – Lisette Sateen


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