Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Sewing & Eggs

Oh the weekend, I love it. At our house we get a chance to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the week. We get to snuggle, bake, lounge around, play outside and sometimes sleep in! The girls are at a point right now that they love being outside and if we put them in the backyard they just want to run all over. This is a great chance for them to get some exercise, vitamin D and burn off some of that never ending energy. Soon it will be too hot here for much outside play so we will take it while we can.

Right now I have a great schedule for sewing on the weekends. I usually put both my girls down for a nap after lunch and then putter around in my sewing area (i.e. our loft that is in-between both girls bedrooms). I usually try to clean up any messes in my sewing space and organize things for the next project. Once I know that both girls are down for the count I take all my fabric and cutting mat, rotary cutter and scissors downstairs and cut out whatever I plan on sewing. I bring all of the cut fabric back up and organize it into piles with each of the cut pieces and any other supplies that are needed. This allows me to be all ready when I have the chance to sew. I do most of my sewing once the girls are in bed for the night and it usually amounts to about an hour of sewing time with just a few interruptions from little girls!

I had to chance to work on some Easter shirts for a very good friend of mine who has two little girls. The age difference between the two are about the same as my little ones so we have a lot in common when it comes to parenting. She spotted something similar out there on Pinterest and loved them so much that she asked me to make her a couple. I rounded up some of my favorite springy/Easter colored fabrics and got to sewing. These Easter Egg Necklace T-Shirts are so cute. I loved the way they turned out and think that the big/little sister combination darling. The grograin ribbow bow is sewn directly on to the shirt and the necklace "string" is just sewn in a contrasting thread color. I did have to decrease the number of eggs and the size of the eggs for the onesie. The larger eggs made the proportions off and having seven eggs instead of five made it too busy. I think they were a success and can’t wait to make some more for my two…if I can get them done in time. Maybe I will just wait until next year on these.

I am almost finished with the Oliver + S Bubble dress for A. The only thing that is lacking is buttons for the back so I am counting it as a complete item. It should take me about ten minutes to get it done tonight. I still have to sew up M’s dress but it should take about a night to get it all finished and then I will post pictures of them both together. These are for Easter so I still have a little time but I don't want to push it too close.

I did work on a few orders over the weekend. Just the regular in the shop but hopefully I will get the time to work on a few new additions.

I will be testing a girl’s dress pattern this week. I am so excited because the dress looks super cute and the designer is out of South Carolina.

Project List for the Week
Oliver + S Bubble Dress for Easter – for M 2T – Michael Miller Disco Dot Blush
Clever Charlotte Phoebe Flutter Blouse – for A 2/3T – Lisette Lawn Fabric

Oliver + S Class Picnic Tunic – for A 3T – Lisette Sateen
Pattern Review



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  1. The "egg necklaces" are an adorable addition to the tops!